New York, NY.

After having been exposed to jewelry since childhood, founder and designer of Khai Khai Jewelry, Haim Medine, decided to join the family business in 2006. He spent three years working in design & production and slowly began compiling a scrapbook filled with his own unique designs and concepts stretching beyond what is considered the norm in conventional fine jewelry. Through his experience and knowledge, Haim decided to set out and establish his own brainchild whose niche would be to offer something fine in appearance yet adventurous in nature; thus the birth of Khai Khai Jewelry.

The Khai Khai Jewelry Collection was conceived with the intention to attract the youthful jewelry connoisseur, no matter her age & stylish urbanite, no matter her location. Bequeathed as a nickname to the founder and designer of the collection when he was a child, “Khai Khai” is a moniker that portrays and projects the pure, deep & raw inner youth that still manifests within all of us. The nostalgic creativity driven by his childhood allows him to think outside the boundaries of conventional jewelry design to offer his clientele something exquisitely incomparable. The Khai Khai customer is an informed, strong intellectual hoping to feel perennially young at heart. The collection strives to bridge the gap between costume & fine jewelry by ultimately offering an intricate array of edgy yet sophisticated designs crafted by utilizing 18K gold and only the finest natural stones.

Coupled with wild inspirations and an unmatched vision, Khai Khai prides itself on the ability to offer its clientele a truly unparalleled jewelry experience.

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